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February 07 2022

Our Favorite Vintage Shops in Switzerland

One of the trends that we're most happy about this year is second hand ! Although it has been up and coming for a while now, we have seen a huge number of budding independent thrifters this year. In both interior design and fashion, online or Instagram, there's way more options than before and we want to celebrate that. They may be young but these people know what they're doing: they're professional and they always know how to find the pieces that will make you pull out your Twint account ! Here's our list of favorites. 

1. Waiyka

online vintage store

Waiyka just opened their first store in Lausanne (just before the lockdown unfortunately). But you can find most of their pieces online. They have a nice selection of contemporary items that fit a nice 90's aesthetic. Plus, their collection of jeans look amazing and we can't wait to go there ASAP.


2. K Thrifting

professional Depoper

Depop is one of the platforms that we still don't understand as Swiss millennials, but we should ! Our friend Kyra from K Thrifting is one of the top sellers for Switzerland on the app. She sells unisex and more feminine pieces all through Switzerland. We bought an amazing YSL pink shirt from her that we wore this summer. Definitely recommend.


3. Passion Fripe

Instagram thrifter

Passion Fripe is another new thrifter on the block. Her Instagram account is beautifully curated with colourful and quality clothing. She has both super vintage and more modern pieces. She also resells some cool furniture and decoration items. 

4. Purple & Gold Rain

online vintage store

Always our go-to for perfectly picked jackets and jeans. Even though Teresa's popular pop ups aren't possible anymore, she sells her vintage finds on Asos and recently, her very own web shop.

5. Orb-it

online & offline vintage clothing

This trending e-shop comes directly from Zurich. We haven't shopped from them yet but we love their unique pieces.  


6. L'almachine

online vintage furniture store

Welcome Switzerland's new peer to peer reselling platform. L'almachine is an online destination where you can buy and sell second hand furniture. Much like on our platform, the sellers will send you the goods directly to your home. Browse their collection for trendy design. 

7. Cyclup Design

Instagram vintage furniture dealer

One of the first eco boutiques in the heart of Lausanne. Qwstion started out in Zurich and exported their concept to our cities. They have everything you need in terms of practical handbags and luggage, all made from eco fibers like Bananatex, cotton, rayon from local and trusted suppliers.



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