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  • Clean make up brands

    May 03 2021

    4 Clean make up brands that we tested and approved

    Clean make up brands that we tested and approved  Just like fashion and food, the two main reasons that made us switch to clean make up brands were our health and the environment. We both became more sensitive to the products we used on our skin. Personally I started developing rashes on my face when I used certain conventional beauty products but...

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  • The Top Questions People Ask Vegans (with our Answers)

    October 12 2020

    The Top Questions People Ask Vegans (with our Answers)

    We can’t even count how many times we heard the phrase ‘But where do you get your proteins from?‘. Protein is very important on a structural point, to build our muscles, our bones and organs, but also chemically for our hormones and neurotransmitters. When it comes to it, there are two things we need to be cautious of.

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  • zero waste period

    October 02 2020

    How to have a waste free period

    A waste free period with these sustainable period essentials We need to talk about periods. Healthy, stress free, waste free periods. Disposable menstrual supplies are real life savers in times of period distress. So much that we tend to forget that they are solely made out of plastic – think applicators, packaging, pads. Moreover, conventional tampons and pads are pretty toxic, laced with artificial colours,...

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