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November 15 2020

Sustainable gift guide for the men in your life

Having trouble finding responsible gifts for the men in your life? Worry not. Now that we launched our own marketplace, we didn't forget to include goods for men. Even if your boyfriend/parent/bro isn’t into sustainability yet, surprise him with the best (and most useful) gifts. These special objects will make your (male) loved ones fall for eco living. 




1. For the hard worker

A Bananatex bag from Qwstion
We're happy to count some adventurous dudes in our life, the ones that will take you hiking on a Sunday. Qwstion was made for the people that are on the move. We picked a nice selection from their bags including this beautiful moss Daypack.
If you're into bags that carry computers, we also love the Zip pack in Bananatex, an innovative new material made from banana plants. 

2. For the artist 

A box of stone pencils from Karst

A great present idea for the artistic types. These woodless pencils are made from stone ! They work just the same but their production requires no deforestation. And we're not going to lie they look super good. 




3. For the party goer

A bottle of Genevan Lvx Gin

For the hedonists out there that enjoy a good cocktail, we can only recommend Lvx Gin. Made locally with carefully selected ingredients, this bottle is the perfect addition to your special person's bar. 



4. For the tech guy

A plant-based phone case from Swibio

Even the biggest tech lover would love a sustainable accessory. These cases from Swibio are made from leftover parts of sugar cane. It contains no pollutants and is made fairly in Switzerland. Different colours are available with each phone size. 


5. For the organizer

A stone notebook from Karst

men's gift guide

The stylish gift for people who have a lot on their plates. These notebooks are also made from stone to protect our forests. It looks and feels like a normal notebook, no extra weight ! We have a few colours to choose from.


6. For the neat

Facial oil by Neighbourhood Botanicals

men's gift guide
Ideal to soothe skin from razor irritation, this men's only oil is the bee's knees for lasting moisture. It's non greasy and leaves an anti bacterial barrier on the skin which is great for the annoying "mask-ne" symptoms. Also great to use as beard oil ! 

6. For the adventurer

Some clean sunscreen from Salt & Stone

clean sunscreen
For the sporty guys out there, here's a sweet add on to their gift. This sunblock is organic and all natural. It leaves no white residue like other mineral (zinc) sunscreens. Aside from blocking UVA and UVB rays, it's packed with natural skin healing ingredients like Ashwagandha and hyaluronic acid. 



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