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October 30 2020

Welcome to our new marketplace

Hi there, 

We're happy to be back ! It's been a rocky couple of years alternating between our jobs and Ecolabo, but it's all worth it now that we have launched our first real business. Oriane and I are so passionate about this project, we are beyond happy to finally do what we love every single day. That's putting amazing brands in the spotlight on our brand new (home made) marketplace.

Why did we choose to create a marketplace, you may ask. 

We have studied every business model there is in order to get people excited about sustainable brands in Switzerland. It seemed pretty irrational to ship worldwide brands here and repackage them out to our customers. The problem of waste and emissions was high on our list of priorities. Then we thought about how much more local brands were available right here in Switzerland. A local marketplace was the way to shine the light on smaller brands that were even more eco-friendly due to their small, slow model. And that's how it started. It's an honour for us to promote projects that were born in our country. Hopefully this will inspire thoughtful entrepreneurs and show them that it's possible to create a thriving business in Switzerland. Hopefully this will inspire thoughtful entrepreneurs and show them that it's possible to create a thriving business in Switzerland.  It became clear that having hundreds of products transit through our offices to get sent back to our customers was actually an unnecessary step. Plus, we had no expertise whatsoever in shipping logistics. We wanted to continue to focus on marketing, giving brands more visibility and offering extra guidance to help them stand out. We understood that the only way to create no extra waste was to cut out the middleman. Our real passion is to inspire people by showing them how cool and ingenious sustainable brands really are. This is why when you order from our website, you are actually placing orders directly to independent Swiss designers, creators and entrepreneurs. 
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How do we choose brands?

At Ecolabo we have a distinct way of choosing which brands will make the cut. First off, we make sure that each product that we advocate for is produced in a transparent manner, following strict ethical policies. Humane production is at the top of our priority because human lives are at stake. "There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness" (Ghandi).

The second step is to make sure that the brands pair these fair production norms with at least one ecological value. A combination of both ethical and ecological efforts is key to us. Ecological values include things like waste management, water savings, organic farming, chemical free substances, veganism and lower energy consumption.  We always work with brands that were born with a positive impact. Big brands turned green will never be on our radar as we focus on small transparent brands made by real people. It's important to us to encourage the makers who want to create a better world. Although know that there is no perfect brand, transparency makes it easier to understand what a particular brand is doing to reduce their impact and what goals they have set for themselves.

Shop by value

One of the cool features that we added to our website is that you can shop according to your values. All you have to do is select which value is close to your heart in the filters on the shop page. This will sort products that are vegan, zero waste, recycled etc. We always make sure that we index each product with its values, so you will have more info on each product page. 

Any questions?

Let us know of any questions, comments, encouragements that you might have by email at

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