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October 21 2020

How to Make Matcha Lattes Like a Pro

Nothing like green tea for an afternoon kick. All of the Matcha afficionados agree that the latte (hot or cold) is a delicious way to consume this Japanese beverage. We're big coffee fans but lately we've been switching to Matcha to get more nutrients out of our "coffee break". The recipe is super easy, you will only need Matcha and your plant mylk of choice. 

Matcha is packed with antioxidants, that's a know fact. But did you know about the benefits of chlorophyll? This molecule gives plants a green colour and is responsible for photosynthesis. Our bodies use it to detoxify heavy metals, environmental toxins and chemicals, especially in the liver. With Matcha, the whole leaf is consumed which maximises the power of its nutrient content. L-theanine for example, is an amino-acid that helps lower stress and has a calming effect, much better than our usual coffee highs and lows. 

Amongst all Matcha brands on the market, it's hard to find the right fit. We really want our everyday stash to be sustainably sourced and organic. Having a traditional brand that is made in Japan is also important as they are the ultimate tea masters. We found a great Swiss brand that we're happy to propose in our shop: Ceremony Matcha. This woman-owned company makes the best ceremonial grade Matcha sourced directly from Uji, Japan.

So let's get to the recipe. It was inspired by Ceremony Matcha's signature latte.


1. Add 1 Tsp of Matcha into a Bowl 

2. Add a bit of hot (80°C) water 

3. Whisk, shake or blend well until froth forms 

4. Add your favourite warm milk and fill up your glass 

5. Sip & Enjoy!

matcha latte


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