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October 17 2020

Are You Still Using Conventional Nailpolish?

Science is just starting to uncover the risks that chemical substances have on our health. The more we search about this topic, the more cautious we want to be around these substances that have invaded our bathroom products. Conventional nail polishes contain some of the most toxic chemicals we use in our beauty routine. Just like fragrances and heavy metals, that are also very prevalent in beauty products, they enter our bodies through the skin and the breath.
Although the best option would be not to wear any, we have to admit we love coloring our nails and love that there are better alternatives. Follow these guidelines when buying nail polish and you can avoid some of the most harmful ones. We included the brands we use, what ingredients to avoid and what to look out for. 
What are the 5/7/10 Free?
The numbers indicate that the nailpolish is free from the x most dangerous ingredients. For example, 5 free means that the five most dangerous are not present and so on. 

There are way more than you think - and we listed them all

1. Dibutyl Phthalate or DBP
is a plasticizer used to achieve a better texture and long-lasting effect, but it is known to be an hormone disruptor.

2. Toluene, also called toluol or methylbenzeneis
used as a solvant and is very bad for the foetus and the nervous system. You better not inhale too much of this substance, as it also provoques headaches.

3. Formaldehyde
is a hardening compound that is carcinogen and can provoke inflammations or allergic reactions in the body.
If you want to go even further, you should also stay clear of the following ones, which are all banned in the 7-FREE products.

4. Formaldehyde Resin
makes nails tough, shiny and durable but also causes skin allergies and problems linked to respiration.

5. Xylene
has damaging effects on the nervous system as well, on lungs, eyes, skin, causes throat irritations and headaches.

6. Camphor
is the one that will make your nails yellow after removing the polish. It acts as a barrier on your nails and also disrupt hormonal system, and is particularly bad when you inhale it.

7. Rosin, also called colophon
is used as a binder agent. It is irritant and allergen.

Some of our favourite non-toxic options

Kure Bazaar

Kure just might be our favourite. As it was created by a mum, pregnant with her first child and trying to live a better, healthier lifestyle, we feel like we can trust it all the way. The products are made with 85 per cent natural ingredients, including wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn, and they are 10-free.


The Green line from Manucurist is our new brand of choice. The colour range is endless, they are also made with 85% natural ingredients and they're vegan and cruelty free. The french brand is free from 9 of the most toxic components. 


We like to switch to a darker colour for winter and find this one to be the perfect alternative. Gitti is a German brand that makes water based and plant based nail varnishes. With up to 77% of natural ingredients, the brand boasts more than 33 colours. 

Do's & Dont's

We might be suggesting you look out for these bad chemicals before buying, but the truth is we know that they can be very difficult to find or even to read on such small labels. We want to be as transparent as possible, so we’ve shared the brand we use, but ultimately there is no way to make sure that what they state is 100% accurate except by testing their products in a lab to know exactly which components they use. What we can do is stay informed, choose the brands that we feel are right, hope for the best, and finally :
  • Always apply outside or near an open window not to breathe toxic vapes 
  • Avoid spreading the product on our skin as much as possible, being careful to apply it only on the nail
  • Try not to keep it more than a week on, to avoid toxic diffusion and absorption by the organism
  • Use a more natural nail polish remover


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