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Organic Tampons (2 sizes)

CHF 5.70


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Organic Tampons (2 sizes)

CHF 5.70


Regular Tampons

    • Regular and super organic tampons

      Organic | Plastic free | No chemicals | Vegan | Eco packaging

      Shipped by Organic Mondays  ⏤ 7.00 CHF

    • Product Details

          Regular ⏤ 16 tampons made of nothing but organic cotton, with cardboard applicators and individually wrapped in paper. Perfect for a light to medium flow. Better for you and better for the planet.

          Super ⏤ 14 tampons made of nothing but organic cotton with cardboard applicators and individually wrapped in paper. Perfect for a medium to heavy flow. Better for you and better for the planet.

          Material ⏤ These tampons are made of a 100% Organic Cotton Core, a 100% Organic Cotton Veil, a 100% Organic Cotton String and a Cardboard Applicator with a soft rounded tip. They contain zero plastic, zero chemicals, no bleach, dyes, nor pesticides. All products are hypoallergenic, vegan & cruelty free. Made in Germany (Tip: Give them a little twist for a super smooth insertion).

    • About the Brand
        • Frustrated with how time consuming it was to buy plastic free period products... Nancy and Elisabeth founded Mondays to blend the desire of modern women to save time in their busy lives and yet still shop responsibly. They believe you deserve a healthy period. Mondays period products are made with 100% organic cotton, NO plastic, NO chemicals or any other substances that can harm the planet (and potentially your body). Sustainable period products that you can trust. 

          Their 5 Core Beliefs

          1 ⏤ Period products should be plastic free. The brand is on a mission to make others as passionate about this as they are. 
          2 ⏤ Business can be a force for good. We all have a responsibility to our planet and they are committed to living by that. 
          3 ⏤ Periods shouldn't hold anyone back. That is why they support women who are following their dreams and are passionate changemakers.
          4 ⏤ Employers should provide women with period products in the workplace. It is after all an essential product, just like toilet paper! 
          5 ⏤ With your help we can all make change happen. In an industry dominated by global giants Mondays offer YOU authenticity & transparency.

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      • Variant: Regular Tampons
      • Brand: Organic Mondays

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