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Organic Maple Syrup

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Organic Maple Syrup

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Délicat | 240 ml

    • 3 Different Flavours of Organic Maple Syrup

      Organic | Natural | Vegan | Eco packaging

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    • Product Details

          Délicat ⏤ Tapped on the 12.04.2020 at the beginning of sugar season, this syrup variant offers a creamy flavour with a taste of hazelnut and a light maple note. This variant is a delicious to sweeten yoghurts, tea, coffee or to caramelize nuts or vegetables without too much of a maple taste. It has a rather neutral flavour and therefore is a great alternative to sugar.


          Riche ⏤ Tapped on the 16.04.2020 in the middle of the season, this maple syrup variant has a perfectly balanced and familiar maple flavour with caramel notes. It’s ideal for salad dressings, in drink recipes, or in baking and cooking. It's a natural sweetener that contains no additives perfect for daily cooking.


          Robuste ⏤ Tapped on the 27.04.2020 at the end of sugar season, this syrup contains a great amount of antioxydants. Its pronounced maple flavour gives a nice, sweet taste and is perfect to glaze vegetables and lift up meat dishes. It's also great for baking as it leaves its unique maple flavour in your creations. It's a delicious nutritive spice.


          Small Discover Set | 3x120 ml ⏤ The small discovery set is here to make you discover the 3 different flavours


          Large Discovery Set | 3x240 ml ⏤ The large set gives you the chance to taste and try the three maple syrups in every way you want


          Ingredients ⏤ 100% pure, Grade-A, single origin Canadian Maple Syrup

    • About the Brand
        • Unlike large industrially produced products, Happy Maple syrups are single-origin and never blended. Their producer patiently boils down each batch for as long as it takes to ensure a high quality and flavour-rich experience

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      • Variant: Délicat | 240 ml
      • Brand: Happy Maple