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April 26 2020

Sustainable Fashion In Switzerland

It’s hard to have a conversation about eco fashion without being asked: “But where do you buy sustainable fashion in Switzerland?” Our country is known for being a bit slow with budding trends. Fortunately for us, this is changing as many Swiss sustainable fashion brands are popping up all over our region. From eco brands to thrift stores and Instagram shops, people are committing to the sustainable, minimal-waste trend and we couldn't be happier. Here is our complete guide to eco fashion brands and projects in Switzerland.

1. Jungle Folk

eco fashion brand

sustainable fashion in Switzerland
 Without a doubt one of the most stylish upcoming eco fashion brands in Europe, Jungle Folk is your go to for fine materials, clean aesthetics with an ethical philosophy. All clothes are made in South America by skilled artisans. They use materials such as Peace Silk, organic cotton, linen and recycled fibres.



2. Baba Studio

Swiss made fashion brand

Baba Studio
Lorène designs clothes combining Ukrainian folklore, in homage to her father’s origins, with more contemporary cuts. She designs all of the pieces herself and has them made in small quantities in Ticino, Switzerland. We're very fond of her clothes, the type that last.


3. Qwstion

eco bag boutique in Lausanne

One of the first eco boutiques in the heart of Lausanne. Qwstion started out in Zurich and exported their concept to our side of the country. They have everything you need in terms of practical handbags and luggage, all made from eco fibres like Bananatex, organic cotton and rayon from local and trusted suppliers.

4. Sanikai

eco fashion brand

Sanikai is one of the only brands that can boast an entirely Swiss made production ! Everything is sewn by hand with the most sustainable materials; regenerated fibres, recycled nylon and even Swiss organic cotton are among their fabrics. Their style and dreamy aesthetic is also a perfect match for our team members. 

5. Sode

conscious fashion brand

Sode's wide, flowing garments are inspired by Japanese fashion and its minimalist style. It's easy to wear everyday, goes with everything (you can layer it all) and just feels really timeless. Everything is made in Switzerland with certified yarns and plant-based materials like flax. 


6. Purple and Gold Rain

online vintage store

Purple and Gold Rain
When we want to shop for new clothes without the guilty conscience, we visit Purple and Gold Rain‘s webshop. They have the finest vintage clothes that suit our wardrobe to perfection. The perfect fit Levis Jeans, pants, coats and belts. They also sell their garments on Asos, so you can shop Teresa’s vintage finds wherever you are. After the lockdown, we hope we will attend more of her successful pop ups around the city. 


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  • lora: September 06, 2022

    Ich besuche gerade den Brandmarkt und kaufe eine Jacke aus der Wintermode-Kollektion. Ich mag den lässigen Stil, die Strapazierfähigkeit und die Haptik des Stoffes. Das Fell und der Samt der Kapuzenjacke sind winterliche Leckerbissen. Sehr empfehlenswert!

  • Ella: September 03, 2022

    Schöne Outfits! Ich empfehle Ihnen, Brandmarkt auszuprobieren. Der Brandmarkt bietet die Top-Marken für die Winterkollektionen der Frauen zu einem unbezahlbaren Preis. Qualität und Material sind unschlagbar. Holen Sie sich das Beste für Ihr Budget.

  • ENtqWRcDioG: November 21, 2020


  • kVZNYbQKtuMHc: November 21, 2020


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