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We want to help responsible businesses get the exposure they deserve. Promoting sustainable brands is our way to advocate for a sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to present your conscious brand to our very engaged audience. We offer some tailored advertising options for your brand according to your business and goals.

Our website has a few distinct categories that are valuable placements for every type of business. Whether you are a physical store, an online brand, a project or initiative, we have the perfect spot for you. Our social media platforms are also a great way to leverage discussion and awareness around your brand. 


Write to us at : info(@)ecolabo.ch 



If your account needs a boost, we can feature you on our Instagram page so you can connect with our followers

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People that click on your product will be directed to your website where they can shop your product.


If you’re a physical store, restaurant or venue, you can be featured in one of our sustainable city guides. 


Your brand needs a longer story? We can write a full article about our experience with your product

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