Selection Process

sustainable brands

To create our online shop, we carefully handpicked the most aesthetic products from a selection of ethical and sustainable brands. Although our curation is mostly subjective and based on our taste, the brands we choose to feature on the site are thoughtfully selected. We base our choices on some strict criteria that we will clarify for you guys here. Before we start, we would like to specify that we only work with small brands that have sustainability in their core values. We will never affiliate with big fast fashion brands, even if they are making ecological efforts.

For us, the baseline when we select brands is to make sure that they follow strict policies in the manufacturing of the products. Our priority is that human lives are respected. We always investigate to know where the materials come from, where the products are made and how. We try to promote european made products as much as possible. We also love to work with brands that empower local communities. All of our products come with a story regarding their designer and manufacturer. We have a very strong attachment to these human values, which is why we only work with brands that are transparent and honest with these issues.