sustainable brands

To create our online shop, we carefully handpicked the most aesthetic products from a selection of ethical and sustainable brands. Although our curation is mostly subjective and based on our taste, the brands we choose to feature on the site are thoughtfully selected. We base our choices on some strict criteria that we will clarify for you guys here. Before we start, we would like to specify that we only work with small brands that have sustainability in their core values. We will never affiliate with big fast fashion brands, even if they are making ecological efforts.

Eco-friendly values come close second. We only select european brands to minimise shipping distances for you guys. We always verify the individual actions that the brands take to generate change, what they give back and what they truly bring to the sustainable movement.

For clothing, brands are chosen for their choice of materials and their dying practices. All of the items are made from natural fabrics. Materials like bamboo fiber, hemp, linen, organic cotton, modal and cupro are our faves ! We strive to feature a maximum of products that are made from renewable, upcycled or recycled materials. Unfortunately, not many brands are yet using natural dyes but we are very sensitive to this ecological issue and plan on featuring more of it.

The cosmetics on the site follow ecological guidelines as well. We chose to only feature 100% natural, vegan and organic products because that is the most eco-friendly way to create beauty products. They are also the ones we use in our day to day lives. The provenance of the raw ingredients and the production method is also super important and we only chose brands with minimal ecological impact. Although we cannot try all of the goodz, we will post blogs on the ones we have tried and loved and we invite you to tell us what you thought of these products in the comments.

Food was the first change we made in our sustainable living journey so we can assure you that we have done our research concerning the products that we gathered on Ecolabo. All vegan, organic and locally made potions and concoctions that you can enjoy in your daily regime. We try to avoid foods that come from the other side of the world and verify eco-friendly practices form each productor.

For all other objects, we make sure the materials are the best in matters of ecology.