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Perfumed Hand Sanitizer 500ML

CHF 40.00


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Perfumed Hand Sanitizer 500ML

CHF 40.00


01 - Vignes & Sarment

    • Pozene x Ecolabo hydrating hand sanitizer in 3 scents

      Recyclable & Reusable Packaging | Social | Local | Slow | Vegan

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    • Product Details

          Pozene's hand sanitizer not only kills most of the virus in your hands but also leaves you with a delicate smell, and keeps you clean and refreshed on the go. The powerful antiseptic properties of bioethyl alcohol and glycerin kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria naturally.

          This gel is produced from bioethyl and developed with the respect of the environment in mind. A non-drying, alcohol-based formulation with purifying and hydrating properties, to cleanse hands effectively and guaranteed 100% odorless after 3 seconds of friction. 

          ⏤ Soft texture
          ⏤ Glass packaging
          ⏤ Approved by the OFSP
          ⏤ Made in Geneva
          ⏤ Produced on demand
          ⏤ 5% of gels goes to local charities

          How to use ⏤ Apply gel evenly onto hands to instantly kill bacteria and contagions, allow to evaporate.

          Recommended for repeated use.

          Active ingredients ⏤ bioethyl alcohol 78.6%.
          Inactive ingredients ⏤ fragrance, water, natural glycerin

    • About the Brand
        • The Pozene Project is first and foremost a solidarity project:

          ⏤ It supports people in need due to COVID-19 by donating 5% of its Gel to various Swiss institutions (1L = 50ml for Charity).

          ⏤ supports the Clair bois Foundation, whose primary mission is to provide appropriate care for the children, adolescents and adults with multiple disabilities entrusted to its care.

          Their production center is based in Geneva, the bottles and taps are reusable and in recyclable packaging, and everything is produced on order to avoid waste and overproduction. 

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      • Variant: 01 - Vignes & Sarment
      • Brand: Pozene