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100% Dark Chocolate Cosmic Tablet

CHF 13.00


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100% Dark Chocolate Cosmic Tablet

CHF 13.00


Chai & Rose

    • 100% Dark artisanal cacao blessed with Ayurvedic spices and adaptogens

      Vegan | Organic | Natural | Gluten Free | Artisanal | Single Origin | Ethically Sourced

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    • Product Details

          100% dark artisanal cacao blessed with Ayurvedic spices and adaptogens. 

          This is not your average industrial, basic, pedestrian 'chocolate': it’s REAL CACAO, a superfood for the bold, the brave, and for those who don’t mix well with the mainstream. 

          Cacao is eaten slowly, with intention. It usually takes 7-14 days to finish a tablet.  

          ASHWAGANDHA + GINGER ⏤ Calm & Confident
          Ashwagandha is an adaptogen used in Ancient Ayurvedic tradition to lower blood sugar and help curb sugar cravings, as well as reducing stress and anxiety in the body. Ginger essential oil is known as the “the Oil of Empowerment” for the feeling of confidence it is said to inspire. The Ashwagandha slightly mellows the cacao, while the ginger gives a subtle 'zing!' note at the end. 

          Ingredients ⏤ Cacao mass, ashwagandha root powder, ginger essential oil


          HERBAL CHAI + ROSE ⏤ Warm & Open
          Herbal Chai is a warming Ayurvedic mix that includes cardamom, cloves, star anise, and a sprinkling of cinnamon. There is no tea / caffeine in the Chai mix. Rose is known in Ayurvedic tradition as a spiritual heart-opener. The chai intensifies the power of the cacao, while the sprinkling of rose petals provide moments of lightness on the palette.

          Ingredients ⏤ Cacao mass, chai (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, star anise, black pepper), dried rose petals

          ⏤ No sugar or sweeteners
          ⏤ Nutrient dense
          ⏤ Vegan, gluten-free
          ⏤ Heirloom strain, ceremonial-grade quality
          ⏤ No cheap cacao butter added
          ⏤ Handcrafted in micro batches
          ⏤ Sustainably and ethically sourced
          ⏤ Eco-friendly packaging
          ⏤ A free Cosmic Card in each box 

    • About the Brand
        • Cosmic dealer is a brand that deals wellness goods that are produced sustainably and ethically, with packaging that's good for the earth. The girls behind the brand believe that tiny changes can lead to big shifts in your overall wellbeing- because your health in large part consists of the aggregate of your everyday actions. They care about making products that actually work, and sourcing the only the best. They scour the world to find the best artisans, ateliers, ashrams, gardens and kitchens and somehow convince them to help them develop wellness products that are up to their impossibly high standards.

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      • Variant: Chai & Rose
      • Brand: The Stories