Rokit offers a wide range of vintage pieces for men, women and children, online and through 4 stores in London. With the rise of mass produced, throw-away fashion, they believe vintage clothing is the way to go to reduce waste (and we do too!). Over the past three decades, they have recycled over a million tonnes of discarded clothing and accessories. Behind the scenes, Rokit’s team of vintage experts hand select hundreds of unique pieces. Each garment is freshly laundered, pressed and carefully mended if needed. Unusable styles are transformed by the Rokit Recycled crew who create and customize pieces in the workshop into seasonal trend focused designs alongside handcrafting collections from found fabrics.





OUR REVIEW    ☉☉☉☉

While it doesn’t look very appealing (second hand shops rarely do) you can find some real gems at Rokit. We love vintage pieces and especially old denim, so if you’re anything like us, head there to find your next favorite pieces ! Thrift shopping is the most sustainable option + it makes you save money.