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Time is running out but you need a solid breakfast to handle the day? Look no more, we got you covered with our five favorite easy recipes that will power all of your Womanboss Wednesdays (and every other day). They are all vegan and sugar free. You can shop the ingredients we use at the end of the article.


1. Almond Yogurt Parfait

It took us time to find a good plant-based yogurt and we finally found the one.  Provamel makes the most delicious sugar free vegan yog, full of healthy fats and organic ingredients. We hated the full coconut because it was too heavy on the stomach. This one is mixed with organic soy so it’s easily digested. For those intolerant to soy, Harvest Moon makes some great soy free alternatives. 

vegan breakfast

2. A Swiss "Bircher"

The Bircher is basically Switzerland’s twist on oatmeal. Its simply oats with plant based milk and fruit. We love to make it the night before so the oats can become softer. We add fruits of any kind (can be frozen), seeds and our home made rawnola on top. 

3. The Berry Smoothie

Our smoothies are always super nourishing, don’t be afraid to be hungry after ! We used 1 banana, frozen berries, plant milk, hemp seeds, flax seeds and reishi mushroom powder. It’s full of antioxidants and omega 3s. We try to drink smoothies in the morning during summer, for hydration and better digestion. You can find all he ingredients in our shop

4. Almond Butter Toasts

Just like fruit, almonds and other nuts are part of our morning routine ! We like to use nut spreads on bread over sugary jam or honey, this helps the body stay away from sugar spikes. Its very important to keep sugar intake low in the morning or you’ll be craving energy all day. We love to top our toasts with apple or banana.

5. Super Choc Smoothie

In case of extreme chocolate cravings, we have a very thick choc smoothie. This one requires: plant milk, cashews, raw chocolate powder, hemp seeds and a few coconut milk ice cubes for the fluff. These healthy fats will keep you fuelled for the day. 

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