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Here’s what’s in our sustainable journal this month. New week, new story, we bring to you the freshest inspo around sustainability and health. Make sure you comment our posts with all your questions, feedbacks and answers. We’re eager to discuss with you all. This month, we’re talking about Christmas ! We planned a few posts to help you shop consciously during the holidays and celebrate an eco X-mas.

 A L L                             H E A L T H                           S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y                          E C O – F A S H I O N                          F O O D   

ethical christmas list

Ecolabo’s Ethical Christmas Gift Selection by Oriane and Victoria

ethical christmas list We thought we would make this highly requested article a bit personal by sharing our own Christmas lists. Even though we’re not going to actually buy all of these items in such little time (because we are conscious buyers), we thought it would be interesting for you to see what we’re coveting...
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How CBD Can Dramatically Improve Your Health + 3 Ways To Take It

1benefits of cbd: Another popular use is for anxiety and stress. We are now very disconnected from nature and have forgotten how to lower our stress levels with plants and herbs. Cannabis isn’t the only plant that helps with stress, there are a myriad of plants that are declined in essential oils, herbal teas and more....
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A Week Of Vegan Lunch Recipes Using Medical Medium’s Healing Foods

Vegan lunch recipes We started experimenting and had a lot of fun with it, but let’s be honest here, meal prep can be a real pain and a bit time consuming. That’s why we wanted to share a week of easy, healthy recipes that you can take to work with you. They won’t take hours...
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green friday

Celebrate Green Friday 4 Ways

Green Friday : Swapping is one of the most promising ways of fighting waste in our everyday lives. My sister/friends and I swap things all the time. It helps us feel like we have something new without really buying. Bringing together your close friends and swapping things with them is a cool way to give...
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Co-Founder Oriane On What Made Her Go Eco

Go green: I’ve also realized that living a more natural lifestyle came with incomparable benefits for the health. We can only do as much to protect ourselves from external pollution factors. I’ve also become obsessed with taking care of my body, especially when it comes to nutrition.   I’d always considered myself as someone that...
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You’ll Start Taking Cold Showers Once You Read About Its Benefits

cold showers: picture via designfiles.net For hair, cold water improves the shine and hydration of your hair. It closes down cuticules and tames the mane. We have noticed a bit less frizz and overall glow to our own hair. We also give credit to Pachamama’s Oway shampoo that uses absolutely no SLS. Read more about...
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omega 3's

Are you Getting Enough Omega 3’s? Here’s Why They’re Important

〰️Eat vegan sources of omega 3’s daily, like seeds, berries, beans and leafy greens. Here are some of the breakfasts we recommend that have a good dose of them.    The three types of Omegas 3 fatty acids that our body uses are: ALA, EPA and DHA. They’re essential to add to your diet because...
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capsule wardrobe

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe And How Did It Improve Our Lives?

The goal here is not so much to buy new clothes to fit the wardrobe, it’s to make a selection of things that fit together. If you do want to treat yourself, you would need to make sure that it will fit into your capsule, so it’s not an impulse buy that you will wear...
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ethical sweaters

Ethical Sweaters We Plan to be Wearing This Fall

  You know ethical sweaters are this years trend. Get it here  sorted from high to low. *Hint*, you can pair them with our suggestions for ethical underwear.    
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Is fragrance the new second-hand smoke? Here are 4 non toxic natural perfume brands

Natural perfume. We bet you’ve felt it already. You walk into a perfume store and after a while you feel nauseous, a slight headache starts to tell you to get out of there. Finally, you start feeling dizzy and lethargic. As soon as you feel the fresh air again, you miraculously feel okay. This isn’t just...
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essential oils for begginers

New to aromatherapy? Here’s our beginners guide to essential oils

Essential oils for beginners are the most potent elixir from plants. When we create them, we extract the healing force of the plant. These amazing properties help the plant fight off any type of external threat, and by using them on ourselves, we transfer these properties to our own bodies. Essential oils enter our bloodstream...
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organic hair salon

These 5 beauty treatments are healthier in an organic salon, here’s why.

organic  beauty salons We struggled for a long time with itchy scalps until we discovered the culprit. Now we only use SLS free shampoo and it works wonders. We even feel like it makes our hair softer and we don’t even need conditioner after. SLS is a detergent used to “wash” hair but it also...
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naturally maintain tan

Natural ways to maintain your tan (and get glowing skin)

Naturally maintain tan 5 ways: Save the ocean and your health. If you want to avoid damage to coral and marine species, choose mineral sunscreen over chemical ones. Mineral sunscreens work with zinc oxide, which covers your skin and shields it from the sun without using a chemical reaction. Also, always choose organic and natural...
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We Just Experienced a Waste Free Period, Here’s How

Zero waste period: We tried Cyclo’s organic cotton pads with a bit of aprehension though. We had no idea how it would feel. I usually use Natracare biodegradable pads which are a good intermediate option – along with organic tampons. Still, waste is waste and sometimes these “biodegradable” items aren’t what they seem.   Elise...
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natural sunscreen

Protect coral reefs with this easy swap

sunscreen for coral reefs: The chemicals mentioned above penetrate the skin and go into our bloodstream, which makes them extremely toxic compounds. The worse of them is oxybenzone, due to its high skin penetration, hormone disruption, skin allergies and cell damage. If you want to achieve a beautiful tan the natural way, but also maintain...
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