zero waste bathroom

Zero waste Bathroom:
5 Products You Need

Our bathroom products usually equal to a ton of packaging and plastic waste but also a whole array of chemicals. By being conscious about the products you bring inside it, you can reduce this waste and also the number of nasties your body absorbs. We prepared a little list of the must-have products for a zero waste bathroom. Of course they are all organic, natural and vegan. Get you some products that can do both !


1. A Solid Shampoo Bar

Ditch all shampoo plastic bottle for a simple bar ! Aside from considerably reducing your waste, it will save your hair from dangerous chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens. The natural ingredients in organic shampoos are very purifying for the hair and you might not even need conditionner anymore. This shampoo bar is from a swiss brand called Foret Bleue, they sent us a cute package with absolutely no waste in sight. 

solid shampoo bar

2. A Safety Razor

Girls, it’s time to stop paying the pink tax. That’s the higher price we pay to get women’s care products (often colored pink by industry brands). Think of the money you spent in disposable razors your whole life. With this stainless steel option that’s frankly way sexier, you will have a smoother shave thanks to the professional blades. They are really cheap to replace and they don’t create any plastic waste. It’s tested and approved by us !

3. An Exfoliating Brush

Body brushing is the new scrub ! Instead of using products that are loaded with chemicals and sometimes even plastic micro beeds, use one brush. There are many ways to body brush, as we previously explained. This will stimulate your lympathic system, get rid of skin issues and other little bumps, help cellulite problems and help your blood circulate smoothly. Try it ! We usually don’t rep for big brands like Bodyshop but their brushes do the trick and you can get them wherever you are in the world. They are fair trade, made with only natural materials hence totally biodegradable. 

4. A Bamboo Toothbrush

Another object that often ends up in oceans and landfills: toothbrushes. It so easy and cheap to switch to a wooden one that can disappear with no trace. Make sure you choose a very soft brush because hard fibers will damage your teeth and gums. You can get them anywhere now but we chose some very cool ones from Organic Basics because they are entirely biodegradable.

zero waste bathroom

5. Natural Deodorant

Deodorant sticks are usually single use and plastic packaged, plus, they contain aluminium (proven to cause breast cancers) and other endocrine disruptors which mess with your skin. Try some cool package free deodorants that work well and leave nothing behind. We love this brand Meow Meow Tweet and their beautiful biodegradable packaging. You can get them in many shops now as well as online.

zero waste bathroom

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