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How About A Vegan Christmas Dinner? Here Are 6 Easy Recipes

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Whether you’re a new vegan or a long-time veggie aficionado, these delicious recipes will help you master your vegan Christmas celebration this year. Your guests won’t even notice the meat is missing ! For us, the last part of the vegan transition was to learn how to cook vegan style in your daily lives with fresh and healthy ingredients. These 6 easy holiday recipes for entrees, sides, drinks and main courses are easy to make and super healthy. This way, you can ease into a vegan diet this Christmas feeling fabulous. We added a few nutrition tips just because !

by Minimalist Baker

Aren’t pumpkins the perfect Christmas meal? Top it with mushroom, quinoa and kale and you have the most tasty and healthy dish on the table. Pumpkin is a nutrient powerhouse, full of beta carotene and healthy fiber. No gluten needed in this recipe. Plus, for all you low-carb lovers, the quinoa is a small serving. Remember those times when Christmas was associated to gaining weight? Not the case anymore thanks to all the fiber and nutrients in these plates !

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When preparing a vegan dinner, it’s often more about many dishes, because there is no “main meat dish”. This moussaka can easily be the perfect main course. It’s super easy to make and only uses fresh products that are available in supermarkets. Lentils are common ingredient in vegan cooking because of its “meaty” aspect: it can replace meat in many recipes. They contain healthy plant-based proteins and virtually no fats. If you’re a new vegan, make sure you soak them in water a few hours before to ease your digestion. 

vegan christmas dinner

More veggies ! In vegan cooking, a lot has to do with the sauces and seasonings you make. Here’s a really tasty (few ingredient) Maple tahini sauce to go with some roasted carrots. Tahini is sesame puree, it’s a super important staple in any vegans kitchen because it’s basically good with everything and full of healthy fats. Once you master your seasonings, you’re a real vegan cook.

by Food With Love

Getting tipsy should be part of every holiday celebration. Plus, if it’s with healthy fresh juices and herbs, even better. When caring for one’s health, a little bit of balance can be beneficial too. Of course, alcohol wreaks havoc to the liver on the long term, so once every few moons is our max. The honey rosemary syrup takes a little longer to make in this recipe but this herb is a healing food so we won’t leave it out ! We’ll be giving it a try with fresh OJ and rosemary from our garden. Cheers !

Leafy greens are super important in the vegan diet, so make sure you eat them every day ! This salad is full of liver healing foods like beetroot, radishes and avocados. Eating quinoa will definitely ease the post Christmas bloating a lot since it’s gluten free. It also contains the nine essential amino acids (proteins) so you will be nourished the right way. Pant-based proteins and carbs from whole (unprocessed) foods are full of fiber and make digestion a lot easier. 

by Blissful Basil

Dessert time. We really looked for an easy dessert that can be made stress free. The crumble pie is warm, made with seasonal ingredients and it can easily turned gluten free if needed. Eating baked apples is great for your gut flora. Also, making your own dough takes only a few minutes and really changes the game health wise: no nasty additives or palm oil. 

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