The Nasty Ingredient You Need to
Look Out For In Shampoo

Nobody enjoys reading labels, but it’s worth it if you want clean beauty products. We all know that brands want you to buy aaall their products and shampoo brands are not any different. The silent killer in our haircare is a detergent that makes you hair dry and pushes you to buy conditioner, masks and rinse-free stylers. It’s official name is sulfate, but it can have different denominations like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfoacetate. The truth is, these compounds can not only damage your hair but mess with your endocrine (hormonal) system. They have also been linked to cancer. Avoiding sulfates and parabens will improve the quality of your hair. You won’t even need conditioners anymore ! We tried it and found it gave us softer and stronger hair. Here is a list of cool organic brands of natural shampoo that are sulfate free.


1. OWay

Oway is one of the only natural brands that creates a variety of hair colouring, structuring and styling products. We like to go to hair salons that use these products (like Pachamama in Geneva) because we know that our whole process of colouring and highlighting is done with cruelty free and organic products. Plus, they are going all the way by supplying refill stations for their shampoos where you can bring your empty bottles. 

organic shampoo
natural shampoo

2. Forêt Bleue

If you want to reduce waste and detox your hair, try to find a shampoo bar. This one is from swiss brand Fôret Bleue. We tried it and loved the scent and the way it gently washed our hair. It is small but works well and contains no toxic ingredients. 

3. Evolve Organic Beauty

This shampoo is everything we love. It is free of all harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates so your scalp is safe ! It contains natural cleansers from sugar and coconut and baobab proteins. These proteins boost shine, protect and reduce frizz. They added aloe vera for a hydrated finish. 


natural shampoo

4. New Wash

Michael Gordon, the creator of New Wash, wants you to never use normal shampoo again ! After creating his first brand (Bumble & Bumble), he realised that the sulfates in shampoo are made to make the hair dry. He decided to create a shampoo that really washes hair without damaging it. This way, you only need to use this shampoo once a week and you can throw out all other hair products. Every one in America is crazy about this shampoo and we really want to try it out. Let us know if you have !

5. Logona

This is the brand we used for a long time because it’s easy to find in Europe and it’s pretty cheap. They are very transparent and they have tons of different shampoos for every hair type. We like the argan oil one because it helps with dry and brittle hair. Some other of our favorites are the chamomile one (for blonde tones), the bamboo and the ginkgo one. When we started using them, the itching finally stopped. What a relief !

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