sustainable gifts for men

7 Sustainable Gifts for Him

that will make him want to go green

Having trouble finding sustainable gifts for him? Stress no more ! Although Ecolabo is still very busy with women’s goods, we wrote this article to help you out, especially during the holiday period. Even if your boyfriend/parent/bro isn’t into sustainability yet, surprise him with the best (and most useful) gifts. Good is already pretty cool, but when good has swagger and can fit perfectly into a persons style, it’s even better. These items will make your (male) loved ones fall for eco living.   

1. A Warm Hat

from A Kind Of Guise

The stylish gift. A Kind of Guise is the hottest eco menswear brand right now. They focus on ethical fashion made in Germany with quality materials. Their style is on point and their clothing dress the hypebeasts of the world. Check out their selection of outerwear too, we almost want to order some for ourselves.

sustainable gifts for men

2. Sustainable Underwear Packs

from Organic Basics

The useful present. Every guy needs some fresh boxers from time to time. These Organic Basics are ethically made from organic cotton and Silvertech (new material invented by the brand). They have tons of basics if you need packs of sustainable underwear for men and women. 

sustainable underwear

3. A Patagonia T-shirt

You can’t get it wrong with this gift. Patagonia tee’s are made form organic cotton and dyed with ecological dyes. Everything is ethical and eco-friendly: they are always looking for ways to innovate in terms of sustainable production. We love disruptive brands like these, challenging the status quo and showing that big companies can make a change.

sustainable menswear

4. A Safety Razor

This eco razor made from matte black stainless steal will be his new BFF. Cannot think of a more stylish object to gift a modern male ! Plus, it’s a super useful gift.  You can also buy safety razors in your local zero waste/bulk shops. Here’s where to go in Geneva.

5. Sunglasses

from Dick Moby

The stylish gift for dandies. Dick Moby makes unisex sunglasses and eyeglasses with recycled plastic and bio-based acetate. Plus, they’re really committed and spend a lot of time finding innovative materials that are good for our planet. Get one for him and one for you – his & hers !

sustainable gifts

6. Organic Cologne

from Mercury

The classic gift with a sustainable twist. These organic and natural scents are what you bf/bro/daddy needs in terms of perfume. Fragrances are quite toxic and irritating for the skin so this is a great opportunity to switch over to some natural alternatives. 

sustainable gifts for him

7. Vegan Sneakers

from Yatay

The perfect gift for vegans and sneakerheads. We received these sneakers a while back and we just can’t keep our feet out of them. They’re comfortable and aesthetically perfect for minimalists like us. The material is recycled PET so they’re 100% sustainable. Check the whole list of materials on the link below !

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