Sustainable Fashion In Switzerland: Our List

It’s hard to have a conversation about eco fashion without being asked: “Where do you buy sustainable fashion in Switzerland?” Our country is known for being a bit slow with budding trends. Fortunately for us, this is changing as many concepts are popping up all over our region. Just in time for Fashion Revolution Week, here is our complete guide to eco fashion brands and projects in Switzerland. 

1. Jungle Folk

eco fashion brand

Without a doubt one of the most stylish upcoming eco fashion brands in Europe, Jungle Folk is your go to for fine materials, clean aesthetics with an ethical philosophy. All clothes are made in Colombia by skilled artisans. They use materials such as Peace Silk, organic cotton, linen and recycled fibers. 

2. Sanikai

eco fashion brand

Sanikai is probably the only brand that can boast an entirely Swiss made production ! Everything is sewn by hand with the most sustainable materials; regenerated fibers, recycled nylon and even Swiss organic cotton are among their fabrics. Their style and dreamy aesthetic is also a perfect match for our team members. 

3. Purple and Gold Rain

online vintage store

When we want to shop for new clothes without the guilty conscience, we visit Purple and Gold Rain‘s webshop. They have the finest vintage clothes that suit our wardrobe to perfection. The perfect fit Levis Jeans, tops, coats and belts: we want it all.  They also sell their garments on Asos, so you can shop Teresa’s vintage finds wherever you are ! If you live in Geneva you might be lucky and visit one of their pop up locations.

4. Maison Mondaine

online vintage shop

Valentine created Maison Mondaine to bring back some style and luxury to vintage fashion. She curates precious high end clothing on her online shop. We love her selection of signature handbags, shoes and super luxurious accessories. You can also send her your own treasures if you need to make room in your wardrobe

5. Qwstion

eco bag boutique in Lausanne

One of the first eco boutiques in the heart of Lausanne. Qwstion started out in Zurich and exported their concept to our county. They have everything you need in terms of practical handbags and luggage, all made from eco fibers like Bananatex, cotton, rayon from local and trusted suppliers.

6. Boutique Ayni

eco fashion boutique in Geneva

Boutique Ayni was the first eco ans sustainable fashion boutique in Geneva. They have a nice selection of basics and everyday wear as well as Veja sneakers and bags. 

7. A Force de Partir

eco fashion boutique in Geneva

A Force de Partir is a new eco fashion boutique in Geneva that sells two types of goods: one part of the store is reserved for second hand, the other has some of the most sustainable brands in the industry. Lorraine, the founder, chooses her selection very carefully, taking into account the smallest details. She has infinite knowledge on the question and will share her insights if you stop to chat with her. Another tip: if you say you are coming on Ecolabo’s behalf, you can get 10% off your purchase (applies if you pay cash).

8. Avani

eco fashion brand

Need timeless basics? Head over to Avani’s responsible collection. Her designs are super simple, made from the most premium materials in France. Delphine, their girl boss founder, is super conscious about tracing her textiles from raw material to the manufacturing and distribution. Linen tops are this summer’s craze. 

9. Valentoine

conscious brand

The founders of Valentoine say that to create their brand they brought together “a graphic designer, an industrial designer, a fashion designer and a lot of good vibes”. That’s the vibe we get when we look at their colorful yet minimal designs. We love that they have a real ethical background, mixing Swiss and Portugal made pieces. The brand also boasts a lot of recycled fabrics (like leather) and other innovative materials. Have a look at their unique silk scarves made using their vacation pics !

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