Organic Make up Brands: Our list of favorites

Some of us use make up everyday and yet we are not aware of any of its components. Women put 168 toxic substances on their skin each day ! It only takes a few seconds for toxins to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. It’s urgent that we change our beauty routines to avoid many health issues. Some ingredients present in conventional make up are being listed as common hormone disruptors. That’s why we made the switch to some very professional organic make up brands. Here is our top 5 to help you make the switch.

organic make up

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1. Nui Cosmetics

Nui Cosmetics is a sister business. Swantje and Annika both co-created this natural and vegan make up brand that contains 90% of organic ingredients and absolutely no chemicals. They also created Savue Beauty, a platform where you can shop natural beauty brands. We use their products ourselves and can certify that the quality is incredible. The foundations are super light and hydrating, the lipsticks are perfectly pigmented and we also love our brown mascara.

2. ILIA Beauty

Ilia has the design/minimalistic vibe that we love while being totally ethical and organic. The products are formulated with 85% bioactive ingredients that heal your skin too. We are fond of their foundations that have shades for each skin tone. They’re now available at Sephora so they’re becoming very mainstream !

organic make up

3. Axiology

An all lipstick brand that strives to create the cleanest and most ethical lipstick. They have a big palette of shades and also carry lip crayons. Axiology is vegan and also contains no palm oil or other polluting ingredients. Pick a shade for the holidays !

organic lipstick

3. RMS

RMS has it all: a beautiful packaging, totally natural ingredients and tons of shades to choose from. It’s a great brand for people who wear light make up because their tiny products are all applied effortlessly with your fingers. RMS is expanding their choice with their new product: probiotics for the skin. The brand is also getting really big so you can find them in luxury stores around Europe too. 

4. Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is one of the leading brands in the organic make up market. We love them because they have a new refill system where you can buy recharges for your products. Just like other natural brands, they’re not for heavy make up lovers. Their products add a nice glow to the skin, no brushes needed. 

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