Is Fragrance The New Second Hand Smoke? We Listed 4 Non Toxic Natural Perfume Brands

& they are also zero waste

We bet you’ve felt it already. You walk into a perfume store and after a while you feel nauseous, a slight headache starts to tell you to get out of there. Finally, you start feeling dizzy and lethargic. As soon as you feel the fresh air again, you miraculously feel okay. This isn’t just you, research has just found that synthetic fragrances are very dangerous to the human body. 

Things like scented candles, air fresheners, care products and perfumes are under the radar for causing hives and rashes but also diabetes, autism, ADHD and hormone disruption and of course, cancer. A recent study also found that these molecules can mess with our gut flora, making us obese (Google “obesogens” you will find a lot of frightening info) ! What we recommend is to stop using all products that contain synthetic fragrances. Goodbye candles, gel soap, air fresheners, cleaning products and perfumes. What we do is we always choose eco options for whatever item we get, this is especially important for cleaning products. For beauty products, always make sure that there are no synthetic fragrances in them. The labels must say: Perfume (essential oils)

Where does this leave us concerning perfume? We decided to list our favorite natural perfume brands for those who can’t live without a signature scent.


Abel was created in Amsterdam by two fragrance aficionados. They could not find natural perfumes, so they created them. We tested the scents lately and thought they were very on point. If you’re used to shopping at Sephora, we would advise you to look further. These scents are very fine, earthy and not for mainstream crowds. No synthetic fragrances are used so you can spray it away. The price is pretty standard compared to some of the luxury perfumes we find in conventional stores. 

natural perfume


Walden makes perfume the traditional way. Using 100% natural ingredients, they also have ancient methods to formulate their exquisite potions. Absolutes, resins and essential oils are the main ingredients at Walden. Everything is made in small batches, just like “when master perfumers blended the finest natural ingredients into fragrant masterpieces. When the price of their creations reflected the cost of the ingredients and not the overhead of the armies of sprayers positioned in every airport duty-free or the celebrities shilling the mass produced chemical cocktails that pass for perfumes there.”

We read this on their bio and immediately loved them.

natural perfume


USA folks, this one is for you. Ayurveda Apothecary is the new born of the brand Yoke. They focus on Ayurvedic treatments for the body – think soaps and oils – perfume oils and candles. Their design is flawless. We love this new trend of dried flowers floating in the liquids. so. much. We love Ayurvedic medecine and we actually made an article that featured a test to find out what your prevalent dosha is. You can then choose the perfume that is made for your type

The scents are from freshly picked buds, flowers and leaves. They use adaptogenic herbs that help fight stress and exhaustion. To be entirely sure you’re getting a fragrance from only essential oils, pick Rasa, Nomad, Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Shakti, Lotus, Kriya, Jaya oils.

natural perfume


Sana Jardin is for the luxurious dandies out there. Their perfumes are very expensive compared to our other suggestions and they are playing in a category we like to call “sustainable luxury”. Unsurprisingly, they will soon be part of the Maiyet conscious luxury concept store ! We haven’t tried the scents but we absolutely love their branding and ethos.  Their fragrances are free of phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes, and they are against animal testing. The brand encourages sustainable sourcing of each flower that makes their compositions. This socially conscious approach is quite unique in the perfume world.  

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