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How To Get a Healthy Tan : 5 Easy Steps From an Expert

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Since we are very into holistic medicine, we know that our lifestyle in its whole affects all our body. Skin is the biggest of our organs and its health is directly linked to the way to eat, drink, sleep, and breathe. In this article, we wanted to explore the many ways to boost skin health during the summer. 

Applying a few tips can drastically change the way our skin reacts to the sun, without bronzers and fake glows. We collected tips from Maja from Green Laboratorium, a top notch skincare brand that makes natural and organic products from really potent ingredients. She’s a skin health expert and we’re pretty savvy on nutrition, so we decided to team up to bring you the stuff that works, nutrition and skincare wise. 

1. Don't burn

Staying out in the sun at the wrong times will damage your skin and eventually dry it out, which is the opposite of what we are looking for. To keep a soft glowing tan that lasts, go out in the sun only after 4pm. Maja warns us about these effects: 

Photoaging is a real thing, easily noticeable when comparing the exposed skin on your face and hands and unexposed skin on your inner arms. 

If you want to avoid premature skin aging (80% of facial skin aging is ascribed to sun exposure), do your best to avoid midday sun, cover up as much as possible, use sunglasses and hats, super thin, light, long sleeve clothes and never forget a sunscreen, even throughout the winter time and when indoor.


2. Use mineral sunscreen

Save the ocean and your health. If you want to avoid damage to coral and marine species, choose mineral sunscreen over chemical ones. Mineral sunscreens work with zinc oxide, which covers your skin and shields it from the sun without using a chemical reaction. Also, always choose organic and natural creams. This will prevent your skin from absorbing harmful chemicals like parabens and phtalates, perfumes, endocrine disruptors and so on. We have noticed a real change when switching to mineral creams: they protect your skin better, are completely waterproof and often have healing components that naturally maintain tan. This one from Alga Maris is our all time favorite. 

3. Exfoliate

Maja strongly recommends exfolaition to keep the skin glowing. This removes dead cells that prevent your tan from glowing. To naturally maintain tan, remove the dead cells to reveal the shiny surface underneath.

Exfoliation is the Mother of all glow, she says, there will be no glow if the skin does not reflect the light – the skin has to be flat and smooth like a mirror to reflect the light.

She also sent us her best body exfoliator, the 9 Oils Exfoliation mix. It uses sugar and sea salt as exfoliators, plus lot’s of essentials oils – so it’s also an aromatherapy session. We tried it on our legs and the glow was instant. Now we use it every few days before going out to get that fresh tan and glow. 

Here are her instructions for a good body exfoliation practice. 

  1. Exfoliate after a longish shower or a bath when the skin is softened
  2. Start with your legs, then arms
  3. Make circular motions and move slowly towards your heart
  4. Be gentle and inhale, take deep breaths
  5. The most effective treatment for cellulite is a mechanical massage. Take your time on the places where you’d like to improve the appearance of cellulite


4. Hydrate

We often forget that hydration is key to having plumped, glowing skin. Drinking a lot of water (about 1.5 liters a day) helps flush out toxins and prevents dry skin. The best way to get maximum hydration is to eat fruits as well. The combination of water and vitamins will not only hydrate your skin but cleanse your intestins from unwanted waste, balance your hormones and induce better sleep.

Unfortunately, alcohol and coffee would be your skins worst enemies, since they are diuretics. Try to avoid them or drink twice as much after consuming them. 

Hydrate and nourish your skin with raw natural oils like this one Maja makes or shea butter. Do this self care routine every night for maximum self love !

5. Sleep right

Having a good sleep cycle is also beneficial to your tan. Weird huh? It’s because the hormone melatonin is sercreted by the brain at bedtime, signaling your body to go to sleep and creating our sleep patterns. This hormone can be produced only in the dark, hence its duty to put you to sleep. The good part is that melatonin visibly darkens skin ! Our own experience taught us that sleeping at least 8 hours in total darkness is a great way to increase melatonin production and thus, make our skin look more tanned. Studies also show some effects of melatonin on skin health, saying it fights free radicals and prevents skin cancer.

6. Eat healthy foods

The most important foods to eat for skin are omega 3s, without them, your skin might start becoming dry. Also, antioxidants are known to reverse cell degeneration so make sure you load up on those. Other components like lycopene and beta carotene are said to give your skin a good halo.

Here are a few examples of foods to eat for better skin

  • almonds: contain vitamin E and healthy omega 3s that benefit the skin
  • watermelon: contains lycopene, thats a great tan enhancer. 
  • berries: the most potent foods for health in general, thanks antioxdiants. 
  • avocados: again, omega 3s and healthy fats go a long way to achieve the glow
  • carrots: these beta carotene stars will prolong your caramel hues

We also clearly suggest adopting a plant-based diet. The alkaline foods that compose it are very good for skin complexion (less toxins). 

Get to know the Green Laboratorium

Maja sent over some of her products for us to try. We decided to share our feedback in this story

We overall loved her products because of their natural purity (it’s just the good stuff) and also their amazing glass packaging. Follow them on Instagram to get great skin tips. 

We definitely recommend the White clay mask. It really tightened our pores like no other product. It contains only three ingredients: kaolin clay, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Those are all raw ingredients that work wonders to achieve a glow. You can order all of Green Lab products here 

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