Video: Get That Nude Look With Natural Make Up from Nui Cosmetics

by Victoria

Finding the right make up was one of the trickiest parts of my natural beauty journey. First of all, we don’t have many organic beauty shops here in Switzerland that sell make up, and it is pretty bold to order them online without testing them out first. Luckily, Nui Cosmetics came to my rescue and agreed to let me try their products. Since their color ranges were so similar to the nude frenzy I had in my bathroom, I completely switched and never looked back. I decided to face my fear of the camera and make a video tutorial to show you how to get my daily nude look with all Nui products.


Before applying the make up, I use a serum from Ileur that holds the most natural yet incredible ingredients: mangosteen and hyaluronic acid. It really helps my pores shrink and helps my skin absorb the foundation. Oil Why use primer when you can use organic carrier oil? I use this one from Green Laboratorium that contains argan and carrot seed oil.


This is the product I am most happy about (certainly because it is such an important one). This Puru (5) foundation from Nui is really the most professional natural foundation I have found yet. It totally blends in the skin without making it too oily or powdery and the coverage is impressive while still feeling super light on the skin. You make up lovers will get me. For some reason once you turn 26 you get bags under your eyes that never go away so I use a lighter shade (Intense Taiao) right under my eyes as a concealer.

Setting Powder

Although I had never used setting powder before I now fully understand the benefits of it. It really helps correct color especially under the eye area. Nui carries a translucent version that does the trick

Brow sculpt

My brows are an important part of my daily make up routine. This cream brow sculpt for Nui is perfect for giving them a light brown finish. I always just brush my brows upwards and give them a SLIGHT shape with the product, never touching the zone that is in between the eyes. 


I actually cheated the actual purpose of the Mahana powder blush and used it as an eyeshadow instead because the color is perfect for highlighting the crease of my eyelid. I also applied some under my eye circle.

Eyeshadow 2

I used the Nui Piari Eyeshadow to highlight my under brow area and the eye lid to create a deeper effect.


Nui’s Mawhero cream blush was perfect as a highlighter. i chose a very light shade and I applied it to my cheekbones and nose. I like applying with my finger so that it stays light for a day look, but at night i would go full on !


Nude lipsticks are my thing, I tried to find the shade that would look like my lips the most, the Nyree matte lisptick. I loved the matte texture and pigment plus the fact that there are no chemicals near my mouth !

Mascara I loved that Nui has a brown mascara because I actually always pick this color. I feel like it looks better to have a bronze effect with my blue eyes so i used the Parauri mascara

A huge thank you to our one and only Cyril Biselx for creating this video. 

Music credits go to Kreaem    

All rights reserved: We do not authorise the use of this video without written consent.

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