Thinking Of Going Green?

7 Simple Changes you Can Make Today


We get that making lasting changes to your lifestyle is not an easy task, even when it means contributing to greater good. Breaking habits might be one of the most difficult thing to do, and we often get asked how we manage to live the way that we do.

How are we not frustrated not being able to eat, drink, buy or do everything? First of all, we are not giving up on anything against our own will, we make choices that are aligned to our values and makes us feel good, so it doesn’t feel like we are compromising on anything. Don’t think of what you are missing out on, but rather focus on all of the positive coming out of it. Want to know more about our journey? Here are the things that made Oriane go eco.

Then, what people don’t realize is, you don’t have to ‘do it all’ to have an impact. And the truth is, this is the exact reason why going green seems so overwhelming -because people are convinced they need to do everything right

Shifting away from this perception is key to get started on eco living without feeling discouraged, frustrated, or like you’re never going to make it. The important is to start somewhere, take a step, no matter how small it is. Do what you can, test, try, go back, forward, find your pace and what feels good for you. We wrote a really cool Instagram post about this.

Many of you asked that we do a simple guide to get started on green living. So for the beginners out there, the ones that want to make a change without making a change, those who want to reduce their footprint but don’t know how, or just need a few ideas take their first step into eco living, this is for you. Here are some actions you can take today, that won’t ask for (barely) any efforts.

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1. Buy a Reusable Bottle

As people who take their water intake very seriously, buying a reusable glass water bottle had to be one of the first steps for us. We got the same matching ones and started carrying it around everywhere with us. It doesn’t require any more efforts than buying a new bottle every time you’re thirsty, and can you even imagine how much plastic waste is avoided with this simple solution? Not to mention the money you’ll save.

2. Switch to a Bamboo Toothbrush

Every year worldwide, almost 4 billion plastic toothbrushes are dumped in landfills and oceans. Sure, plastic toothbrush might seem more convenient and cheap. But each one can take up to 1000 years to decompose, with about 80 per cent of them ending up in the sea, harming marine life and destroying their habitats. We can eradicate them, with a just simple twist to our daily routine.

By making this change, you alone can avoid about 320 plastic toothbrushes — that’s the average an individual uses in their lifetime. Bamboo is the best, sustainable alternative as it biodegrades and grows super fast, no pesticides, and little water needed. And they do the exact same thing, too.

3. Say no to disposables

We’re all becoming more aware of plastic pollution and its dreadful impact on the planet, which makes more and more people joining the movement and reconsidering choices and habits. To address this, saying no to disposable can be such an effective yet effortless way of fighting this battle. We’ve included the ones that asks for less efforts here. Once you make the switch, it doesn’t take more time or involvement than using the plastic alternatives, and it’s cheaper in the long term too. 

〰️ Find your Reusable Tote Bag  Not only does it look cool, but you can take it with you every time you go shopping to avoid disposable bags 

〰️ Get Yourself a Safety Razor  Again, instead of throwing away tons of plastic razors, get yourself a real metal one to keep! All you have to do is change the blade every now and then and it’s easy to use and wash. They are much more stylish than modern razors and are a great investment as you can make them last for decades ! More on this in our article on how to create a zero waste bathroom

〰️ Wash with Reusable Facial Rounds Reusable facial rounds have changed the game by offering an easier and healthier alternative to conventional make up remover. So no need to buy expensive make up remover and cotton pads anymore. Just pop your rounds in the washing machine and reuse. Plus, they’re super soft so they won’t irritate your eyes as much as cotton pads. 

〰️ Refuse The Straw Just bring your own! They feel way more comfortable to drink with and you can carry them everywhere with you as they barely take up any space. 

4. Wash smarter

We’ve talked about microfibers on our Instagram page, but we can never stress this enough. These tiny fibres of plastic are present in our garments, and way too small to be filtered out by waste treatment plants. This means every time we wash clothing made from synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, acrylic and even recycled PET, millions of them are unleashed into our waterways and oceans.

The best thing is always to choose natural fabrics as often as possible. Here is our list of the best fabrics to choose when buying clothes. When it comes to washing our clothes, there are a few things we can do to keep this from happening that don’t ask much from us. These include washing synthetic clothing less frequently, washing them at lower temperatures (high temperatures damage clothes and makes them shed more fibers), filling up our washing machine to avoid friction between clothes, and switching to liquid laundry (powders « scrub » the materials).

Finally, we need to use innovative solutions such as a washing bag or ball to catch microfibers and remove them from our machine, and keep them out of our oceans!

5. Turn it off

Nowadays we spend the majority of our time on our devices – whether it’s our computer or our phone- as it is necessary for our day jobs and working on our platform to connect with you guys and bring you the best! We love it but are conscious this is not the most eco friendly option. Recently we realized that that even off, our devices are still using power ! As energy conservation is an important part of reducing our carbon footprint, we need to be mindful and turn our electricals off or unplug them as often as we can. Check out how you can reduce your footprint in your bedroom. 

6. Go paperless

We have to admit we’re still a bit behind for that part, because we’re ones that love the feeling of reading a physical book and haven’t  jumped on the Kindle bandwagon yet. As for notes, although we still take most of them on our phone or computer, we still prefer writing our ideas on paper, this helps us vizualising better.

However, we’ve now taken the habit of refusing till receipts, signed up to receive electronic bills and statements to our emails and paying our bills online! It doesn’t take much but cuts out a huge amount of paper. Plus, managing everything digitally is actually much easier.

7. Eat Less Meat

‘Eating less meat is the best thing you can do for the planet in 2019’ You probably read that more than once since the beginning of the year. Scientists advised that to limit the effects of climate change, hugely reducing our meat consumption is necessary. Researches show that the impact of meat, especially beef and pork, fuels climate change and pollution. We know it causes huge problems, starting from deforestation, passing by waterways pollution, and ending with methane emissions that cows release into the atmosphere which cause greenhouse gas emissions. 

We of course are firm believers in plant based diet and how it positively impacts our health, the animals’ and the planet’s. But we still believe each individual has to find their own balance and apply what feels best for them ⎼ even if it doesn’t imply cutting animal products form their diets completely. Regardless, all changes are good changes, and going meatless from time to time, or once, twice, three times a week, can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. We love to see flexitarian diets growing around us ! Here are our top tips on how to eat a balanced vegan diet. 

More Eco Stuff

There is definitely much more to it, we can always deepen our knowledge, enlarge our spectrum and expand our actions, but we felt like this list would let you choose to start with the ones you feel most comfortable with. Also, we felt like these actions are the ones that ask for minimal efforts from one’s part, making it easy to build up on. If you want deeper informations on different aspects, take a look at our related articles and don’t hesitate to share them with your circle! 


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