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Co-Founder Oriane On What Made Her Go Green

Ever wondered what made us choose the sustainable lifestyle? I asked Oriane to give me a glimpse of the reasons she started her journey to go green. Here is Oriane in her own words.  

“It can seem hard to make the transition at first, but always keep in mind that every small action, multiplied by a group of people, has a meaningful impact. With a positive mind, we can achieve anything.”


I’d always considered myself as someone that cared for the environment until realizing I didn’t have a clue what was really happening. Being informed is the first step. Then, it’s to be consistent. I needed to make a real change in my daily habits in order to go green.


Witnessing the destruction of amazing landscapes, wildlife, ecosystems that compose the world without doing anything is not an option anymore. Future generations should be able to evolve in a world where they can witness such beauty, where there’s connection and harmony with nature.


Living a more sustainable lifestyle means reducing our use of the planet’s natural resources. It also means being more conscious of the impact of every thing we consume. This includes the ethics surrounding its production. It broke my heart to see that such terrible conditions could really be taking place in our world.  Above all, how can it be that mainstream and accepted by society?


I’ve also realized that living a more natural lifestyle came with incomparable benefits for the health. We can only do as much to protect ourselves from external pollution factors, but I’ve also become obsessed with taking care of my body, especially when it comes to nutrition.

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