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If you’re anything like us, you’ll need a solid base of in your winter capsule wardrobe. You know, the ones you can casually throw on a t-shirt to warm & cozy up, but that can also style any outfit. Believe us, we know how hard these are to find. Especially since we’ve begun searching for more ethical options. Most of them don’t look good, are too expensive, or just not comfortable enough. That’s why we’ve made a selection with our favorite picks to make it easier for you. They all have different perks, and we’ve made sure to feature different prices for you -sorted from high to low. Now, we can only hope you find the one you like ! 


by & Daughter

The Sweater
The price is crazy, but it’s a piece of high quality you just know you’ll keep for a long time and wear on many different occasion. This sweater is made by hand in Scotland from the finest wool cashmere yarn. Its oversized look is everything!

The Brand
It was created by a daughter and her father, and the factories they work with are family-owned, based in Donegal where the designer’s Dad is from.


By Reformation

The Sweater
Although it’s very pricy as well, we’re in love with this cut! Also available in mustard and navy blue, but we personally never have enough black.

The Brand
Reformation calls itself “sustainable fast fashion”. The brand makes its pieces with premium eco-friendly or recycled materials, trying to be as sustainable as possible in every aspect of their production. They track their progress through a Sustainability Report, and also share the environmental footprint of each product they make.


By Cossac

The Sweater
We usually prefer our knits thicker, but this one made the list because we like how simple and versatile it is. It’s made from 100% organic cotton, and all hang-tags and boxes are made from recycled paper.

The Brand
Designed in London and made in Europe, COSSAC promotes the minimalistic concept of Capsule Wardrobes. Each garment is intended to be transeasonal, with the aim of minimising wastefulness. The brand works exclusively with small factories and make every effort to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of their business.


By Filippa K

The Sweater
Ok so we still need to add some colors to our winter wardrobe, and we find this shade to be beautiful! Plus, the quality fabrics of this item are made to last.

The Brand
Filippa K’s garments go through thorough sustainable assessments, where every phase of the garments’ lifecycle is examined and adjusted with minimal eco-system impact in mind. They give advices on how to take care of their pieces to make them last longer, allow you to lease them, and to give them back when you don’t wear them anymore as a step to circular economy.


by Frisur

The Sweater
We completely fell for the unique look of this jumper, given by the different textures, made of fine italian lambswool.

The Brand
Frisur offers high quality fashion in a classic German design blended with Scandinavian minimalism. The brand is Berlin based and their garments are responsibly made in Europe.


by Celtic & Co

The Sweater
Our absolute favorite! We’re definitely going to be wearing it all winter. It’s cosy, simple, easy to wear yet still has a particular look that makes it special.

The Brand
Celtic & Co creates enduring pieces using the finest natural fibres. The brand works hard to minimise its impact on the environment, actively designing and manufacturing many of its products within the UK, and choosing natural, sustainable and organic fibres. They also actively promote recycling throughout their offices, warehouse & factory.


by Noyoco

The Sweater
We’re huge fans of gender neutral pieces and that’s one of the reasons we like this one so much. It’s the perfect mix between sobriety and singularity, and you can even share it with your partner!

The Brand
Noyoco makes unisex clothing made of organic, natural, recycled fabrics & with limited stocks only. They only work with small, local producers and workers.


by Arket

The Sweater
Probably our next purchase! It looks super comfortable, and the fact that you can wear it both as a sweater or a tunic depending on your outfit makes it a great item to have in your wardrobe.

The Brand
Arket’s mission is to democratise quality through widely accessible, well-made, durable products. Besides their focus on the long-lasting in design and production, sustainability has been a primary consideration and naturally incorporated in all processes, from the choice of suppliers and materials to informing customers about how to care for their products to prolong their lifespan.


by Two Thirds

The Sweater
We wanted to share this one with you because we already own it in grey and it feels nice and cosy! BUT, we now think it looks better in beige.

The Brand
Two Thirds cares for the environment and particularly for the ocean. They choose their dying methods and materials to be as sustainable as possible. They produce everything locally, to make it possible for them to establish closer, trust-based long-term relationships with their suppliers – and in the end assuring more transparency and quality standards more easily.


by Hund Hund

The Sweater
We bought another sweater from this brand and couldn’t be happier! Unfortunately, they don’t make it anymore. So we offer you this one instead: it looks warm, soft, and perfect to wear over a t-shirt.

The Brand
Hund Hund is an online-only store, transparent about the costs of creating each piece, produce in Europe to cut down on transportation emissions, ensure fair labour practices, and use environmentally sustainable materials such as Tencel. They embrace minimal design, radical transparency, ethical process and reasonable prices.

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