Ecolabo's Co-Founders Share Their Ethical Christmas List

We thought we would make this highly requested article a bit personal by sharing our own Christmas lists. Even though we’re not going to actually buy all of these items in such little time (because we are conscious buyers), we thought it would be interesting for you to see what we’re coveting this year. 

Funny enough, we both put a lot of sustainable fashion on our list. It’s one of the areas where we’re making a lot of effort to reduce our consumption, so naturally our wish list reflects this. 

What we are most excited about it definitely spending time with our families, taking a (tiny) bit of time off from our jobs and our platform and focusing on a lot of self care.


If there’s one thing about Christmas that we’re focusing on this year in my close circle, it’s definitely not the gifts. But we have to say, this article was way too requested not to do it. This list is more about what I might get for myself, or what I’ll keep dreaming about for the next months. Anyhow, I hope they will inspire you and maybe get transferred to your Christmas list.

Happy holidays,



ethical christmas list


I love this time of the year so much as I find it’s the best one to cook, rest and most of all enjoy time with family ! Getting special gifts for them has always been my favorite part as well and now being more conscious in my choices & what I buy makes it even more significant.
As per my list, not necessarily what I’ll get for Christmas either as I don’t really need anything special this year, but what I want to add to my selection in the close future. The focus is on my health and my home, making it a stress-free environment with plants, probably candles, CBD oil and comfortable clothes ! Looking forward to hearing your ethical-Christmas ideas ♡

(cover image by Chloe Bruhat for E-lio Jewellery)

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