dewy skin

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Great safe products
to get that dewy skin

that are organic and vegan

Admit it, we all want that moist, just-woke-up type of skin. It’s not too greasy but not too dry: that is how perfectly balanced dewy skin is. We were always on the lookout for products that can naturally give you that dewy highlight. Of course, we wanted them to be 100% natural and organic. 


1. RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm

The great thing about this balm is that you can apply it to any spot that you want to make dewy – think cheekbones, forehead, nose. We tried many of their balms and they always worked wonders because they heal the skin and make it look bomb. You can choose between coca and vanilla scent.

dewy skin
dewy skin

2. Raw Gaia Hemp Glow Serum

One of our personal faves. This Uk based brand makes skin food, which is basically pure, organic, plant derived skincare that blends the highest quality raw botanical ingredients together under low (cold processed) temperatures. The serum is one of our best picks for dewy skin. For better results you can also try the glow mist, which acts like a toner and deals with pores.

3. Aster & Bay Rosewater Mist

Made with Rose water and Epsom salt, this fresh mist helps the skin hold on to moisture. It also contains aloe vera which can heal an array of little skin problems that could be preventing the perfect shine. This article is always sold out on their website which probably indicates its’ endless benefits !

face mist

4. The Ordinary Rosehip Oil

People are all over this brand at the moment. The founder is dedicated to sustainability and vegan skincare that really works. His acids are our most recent craze. A lot of their products create this dewy look including the cold pressed oils and the plant-based squalane. The best part, they’re all under 20 CHF !

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