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There Are Way More Benefits To Cold Showers Than You Think

we listed them all

There are not enough words to express how unready for morning cold showers we were. Just the thought of waking up in the winter and hopping into a cold shower made us squirm. Even though we knew about the benefits, we just kept on postponing this article to the summer days, and eventually forgetting about it (on purpose). Now we’re proud to say we have finally tested it. And we’re going to review its benefits for you guys. 

What made us do it? Understanding that no, you don’t have to turn of the water cold and jump in, you can do it gradually. First by taking a hot shower and then turning it cold little by little. And that’s how you lean into every healthy habit there is: slowly but surely. 

Of course its even better to just take a 2 minute (minimum) cold shower, but for now we’re just finishing our normal shower with cold water and the benefits are already pretty impressive. Here’s a list of the said benefits of cold showers, with our take on every point. 


Exposing the skin to hot water doesn’t benefit it at all. It becomes red, dry and flaky as soon as you get out of the shower. For us, it manifests with scalp itching which results in the shedding of the hair. On the other hand, cold water helps the skin in many way. First, the cold constricts blood flow and temporarily makes the skin look tight. But on the long haul, you skin will keep its hydration inside much longer, resulting to more moisturised skin. This was one of the first benefits we saw (after only 3 cold showers). Our skin still suffers from eczema and itching from time to time, and the cold water immediately helped with this issue. Facial skin also benefits greatly from cold water. 

For hair, cold water improves the shine and hydration of your hair. It closes down cuticules and tames the mane. We have noticed a bit less frizz and overall glow to our own hair. We also give credit to Pachamama’s Oway shampoo that uses absolutely no SLS. Read more about why our hair doesn’t even need conditioner to shine. 


Cold water has actually been proved to improve depression symptoms. To summarise, due to the high density of cold receptors in the skin, a cold shower is expected to send an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain, which could result in an anti-depressive effect.

We actually didn’t know about this before now and we’ve been feeling pretty happy these days. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or if this cold boost has something to do with it. Honestly, it could also be attributed to our new elixir: Organic Olivia’s mood juice … or our turmeric/ginger shots. Nevertheless, this easiness of mind is truly comforting, especially in these first winter days. We have to say it must do something to the brain, because we’re almost addicted to it. We’re weirdly looking forward to showers now, just because of the special way it makes us feel after. 


That’s no surprise. It definitely gives you a kick in the morning and you can almost feel your veins constricting. I always wanted to improve my circulation since I get really cold hands and feet. Basically, your body adapts to this type of stressor by generating anti-oxidative properties to fight the stress. Studies found that uric acid levels (responsible for stress) dropped while participants entered the cold shower. Want to help your body adapt to stress better, you know what to do. 


Cold water encourages the blood to flow and irrigate important organs like the heart and the skin. Other than the blood system, the lymphatic system is also a very important part of your body. But unlike the blood system, it isn’t pumped by an organ, like the heart is. This is why physical activity, and luckily cold water, can help move it around the body. A sluggish lymphatic system can be responsible for frequent colds and illness because its role of nourishing cells can’t be properly done. Medical medium also states that a poor lymphatic system can stock toxins that make your face and body bloat. Got puffy eyes in the morning? Make sure your lymph is moving !

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