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The Top Benefits Of CBD + 3 Ways To Take It

based on our own experience

The hype around CBD started in Switzerland a few years ago when hemp was first legalised. Since then, brands have been flourishing and many european countries are now embracing cannabinol. With very real effects, most of them recognised by the medical community, hemp is becoming a cure-all that people use in their daily lives.

We decided to go beyond the trend and test the benefits of the hemp plant ourselves. We tried three ways of consuming CBD that we will break down for you.


The most important thing to know about cannabinol is that the human body has a built in endocannabinoid system present in our brain but also in many other organs and connective tissues. Its like a network of receptors that are made to receive cannabinoids. The list of CBD oil benefits is so long because these receptors are integral to so many bodily systems. Most of them are present in our nervous system, which is the root cause of its many benefits. 

The second thing to know is that not all cannabis compounds get you high. CBD is a compound that acts on your body without giving you any “high” symptoms. There are so many different molecules in this plant that we could talk about it for days. For now, consider that THC is the one that gets you high and CDB products always contain less than 1% of that. The CBD concentration will vary depending on the product you choose. The higher it is, the more intensely you will be relaxed. H-can’s founder says it feels like a warm bath: it definitely relaxes you without any intense effects. 

There are three ways that you can take CBD. The one we liked the most? Oils. We’re very fond of tinctures and potions, so we were delighted to try the CBD infused oil 12% and 6%.

The second method is tea blend. Yes, CBD can be taken as a tea: the hot water activates the compounds. We loved the different organic blends made by a certified herbalist. They contain hibiscus, our favorite healing herb, licorice and many more.

The last way to experience the benefits of CBD is by smoking it. As health freaks, we don’t really recommend smoking it with tobacco. Personally, we bought a really cool vape that lets us enjoy cannabis based products without the health hazards (combustion). 


One of the primary uses of CBD nowadays is pain relief. As we mentioned, we have receptors in our body that bind with cannabinoid compounds to help it heal and adapt to stressors. A lot of people are now replacing pain relievers like morphine derivates with CBD ! It’s just that potent. We have tried the oils during painful times (like periods, waxing) and have really seen incredible results.

The tea as well is very useful for cramps and period pains. For more serious issues, you can always up your dose of CBD. We found a lot of relief just with the 6% and 12% oils.  


Another popular use is for anxiety and stress. We are now very disconnected from nature and have forgotten how to lower our stress levels with plants and herbs. Cannabis isn’t the only plant that helps with stress, there are a myriad of plants that are declined in essential oils, herbal teas and more. The thing that sets cannabis apart is the immediate effect that it has (thanks to our endocannabinoid system).

At Ecolabo, we have to admit we’re a very stressed out duo. We manage this platform by ourselves and both have full time jobs. Needless to say we were super happy to try CBD. For me (Victoria) taking CBD oil regularly clearly reduced my neck tension, back pain and prevented any type of inflammation due to stress. 


Inflammation is not a well known issue to the general public. We seem to think that inflammation only occurs when a part of our body is visibly swollen (acute inflammation). This is far from the truth, as inflammation can go on for years in our body without us knowing (chronic inflammation). This is one of the causes of heart disease and cancer. To make sure we avoided it, we started eating a super alkaline diet that avoids all inflammatory foods. CBD is another way to fight this common ailment. By lowering oxidative stress, it can decrease inflammation levels. 


Pretty sure brain health isn’t your top priority right now. It should be though ! There are plenty of ways to prevent degenerative diseases by changing your lifestyle. Cannabidol is another way round the problem (along with that healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system present in our bodies has a way of preventing neurogenesis, which means growing new brain cells. It also could significantly prevent Alzeihmers disease by basically switching up certain sets of genes and modulating them. In addition to that, CBD greatly improves the live of people that are suffering from autism, Parkinsons and seizures.


A lot of interesting information is being put out concerning the health benefits of CBD and derivates like hemp oil to the skin. Some say it fights acne, others swear by it for their eczema. It all comes down to sebum regulation and skin moisture. Apparently CBD regulates the skin’s sebum and fights acne quite effectively, just like the world known drug Accutane (or Roaccutane). CBD creams and balms and skincare are all the rage right now and H-can is planning to sell some very soon.

We will have to test it for longer to be sure, but the results seem pretty promising. Ingesting cannabis oil is also a sure way to reap the skin health benefits, since its a pretty holisitic healing method. If your stress levels are down, everything will seem more under control. 




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