The 2019 Health Trends We Tested And Approved

We believe that a healthy body and mind is the first step to a healthier planet. We only really have these two homes and they are intertwined beyond what we can imagine. Our feeling is that when we’re thriving health-wise, we have better stamina to fight the patriarchy and save the world. This is why we’re always on the hunt for the new health trend in the book. I can’t even start counting the little pains and aches that natural remedies have cured over the years. In this article, we bring to you our favorite 2019 trends for perfect health. All tested and approved. 

2019 health trends


The number one on this list without hesitation. CBD helps us rebound after a stressful day, reduce cramping during our period, calm skin rashes and nip headaches in the bud. We take 12% and 6% cbd oil diluted in Coconut oil from swiss brand H-can and couldn’t recommend it more. CBD was already big all through 2018 but companies are kicking it up a notch with drinks, chocolates and other infused goods. Beyond the hype, we’re super happy that hemp and weed aren’t getting a bad rap anymore because we’re firm believers that it can change the world. Hemp is a plant that can do so many things for the environment, like save forests and energy. Learn more about CBD here if you’re curious about all of its benefits. 


Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside, including emotions. Fortunately, some specific compounds help our face glow. There are now hundreds of brands that propose skin supplements. To say the truth we have only tried taking plant oils like primrose oil and burdock root. We were very happy with the results, we did see a big difference in the moisture of our skin. Other companies like Moon Juice or Aime make beautifully packaged supplements that we would love to spend a fortune on. Collagen and pearl are all the craze for dewy skin. After researching a bit, we also found that it was super important to keep omega 3 levels high in order to bypass dry itchy skin. For the rest, there’s celery juice ! More on naturally glowing skin here. 


We have been using Ayurvedic medicine for quite a while now with our lovely health coach Illona. This year, products that follow ayurvedic principles have flourished everywhere. Watch out for scams though, we would mainly trust brands that are expert in this medicine. Illona hooked us up with some true medication straight from India. Ghee really helped us get back on track after months of Vata imbalance. She also gave us some Triphala to help with digestion and cleansing. To us, Ayurveda shouldn’t be in the trend list, it should be a reference for anyone who is suffering from mild to severe illness. Discover your main dosha and how to eat according to your body constitution here. 


Adaptogens are (plant) foods that combat chemical, physical and biological body stressors. These foods are making a come back although they have been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years. Our immune system is highly tied to stress levels so it makes sense that taking adaptogens can help you avoid illnesses that stem from stress. The most common adaptogens are Reishi, Cordyceps and Chaga, three types of immune mushrooms ! Other adaptogenic herns include ashwaghanda, rhodiola, shisandra and ginseng. All of them have different benefits, from improving liver function to boosting libido !


You have probably read the word “anti-inflammatory” a thousand times since the beginning of the year. This diet is highly recommended for people with digestive issues, aches and pains due to inflammation. Chronic inflammation touches almost everyone in our stressful lives. It is the body’s response to an immune system that fails to eliminate the initial “wound” and continuously sends white blood cells to the affected area.  Certain foods like blueberries, cherries, oranges, leafy greens, olive oil, sweet potato and nuts all contribute to lower inflammation levels in the body. For us, 2019 has been all about wild blueberry smoothies and greens with every meal. We’re also super careful with high inflammatory foods like coffee, alcohol, sugar and unhealthy fats, but balance is key. 


All hail the herbs. We recently started taking herbal tinctures to soothe our common ailments. We especially loved Organic Olivia’s formulas based on her TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) knowledge. She now has so many different blends for all types of symptoms. I also personally had great success for headaches using Padma 28, a tibetan mix of herbs that helps with circulation. There is a herb for each health issue and we can’t wait to learn more about Chinese herbs and their benefits during the rest of this year. Our next focus is on hormones to treat our mild PCOS. It will be Saw Palmetto and licorice & peony for this summer. Be sure to always do good research or ask a med before taking herbs because they can be super powerful and often come with side effects. 

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