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sustainable gifts for men

7 Useful and Sustainable Gifts for him

sustainable gifts for men Having trouble finding sustainable gifts for him, aka the men in your life? Stress no more ! Although Ecolabo is still very busy with women’s goods, we wrote this article to help you out, especially during the holiday period. Even if your boyfriend/parents/bro isn’t into sustainability yet, surprise him with the...
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capsule wardrobe

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe And How Did It Improve Our Lives?

The goal here is not so much to buy new clothes to fit the wardrobe, it’s to make a selection of things that fit together. If you do want to treat yourself, you would need to make sure that it will fit into your capsule, so it’s not an impulse buy that you will wear...
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ethical sweaters

Ethical Sweaters We Plan to be Wearing This Fall

  You know ethical sweaters are this years trend. Get it here  sorted from high to low. *Hint*, you can pair them with our suggestions for ethical underwear.    
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6 Ethical Shades To Get For The Summer

Whether you’re at the beach or the shop next door, you’ll always be able to find really cheap, average sunglasses. Without getting into the reasons behind these low prices, let’s think about how poor in quality these lenses are. Wearing them will kill your sight in no time, and you’ll probably throw them away after...
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