ethical lingerie

5 Ethical Lingerie Brands
That Are Killing It

that are fair trade and eco-friendly

Everyone looks for different things when it comes to lingerie. But it’s directly in contact with your yoni, so it’s worth the struggle to get some made from the most premium and natural materials. We don’t like toxic chemicals in our clothes and even less in our sweet spots ! Fortunately today, underwear can be sexy and eco-friendly, thanks to these fabulous designers. Our main picks are some hip new ethical lingerie brands with a strong vision of femininity and comfort, who care about our bodies and the environment. 




1. Organic Basics

This brand specialises in timeless basics made from organic cotton and their new innovative fiber: Silvertech.  The infuse organic fabrics with silver to make their underwear anti-bacterial and odor-controlling. Classic and perfectly shaped for daily wear, you’ll adopt them as your fave on-the-go undies. They also make underwear for men !

ethical lingerie
ethical lingerie

2. Pansy

Beautiful cotton underwear for every size and shape. Their underwear, loungewear and sportswear all have that minimal and comfy vibe. They’re made from organic cotton that is sewn in California, dyed with all natural colours with no chemicals added. 

3. Baserange

Baserange embraces all the current underwear trends from high rise panties to velours bralettes and seamless bodies.  We love that they are totally sustainable and prefer little water consuming materials like bamboo and linen but also natural fibers such as wool and silk. Their dyes are all GOTS certified (hypoallergenic) and they only use organic cotton to make their garments. 

4. The Nude Label

This local brand from Valencia is committed to making ethical underwear with the most natural and body embracing fabrics. We love their minimal designs and nude colours. 

5. Anekdot

We also wanted to feature some more lacy options for your late nights. Anekdot creates limited edition undies from dead stock and surplus stock. They are dedicated to fight against mass produce and cheap clothing, especially intimates which are known to be extremely unethical.  

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